Текст песни Cado Belle - Airport Shutdown

Альбом Cado Belle, год выпуска: 1976
Вокал: Maggie Reilly. Музыка и слова: Colin Tully / Alasdair Robertson

All of this week just thinking of you
here in a different town
things had been going from bad to worse
just like the fog that's coming down.
Last night I went to see the airport
thought it would pass some time
told me that all the flights were cancelled
that's when I realised.

Oh - they shut down the airport
don't turn my love away
I've come around again
I've been blind to all my mistakes
now I can see my way.

Now I just hope you'll understand
I hope I get back in time
sitting there in the airport lounge
it all became clear in my mind.
Now I see just where we were failing
know that I caused it all
everything had to be my way
but pride comes before a fall.

You might have come here searching for me
if you'd know where I'd been going
but I realise it's best this way
I thought it out on my own.
And I got a lift going north this morning
just as the dawn came around
I'm counting the hours as we go driving
back to my own home town.

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